Focus groups Struga

  • April 21, 2016 12:00am - 12:00am

On 21st of April 2016 in the Community Center of the Municipality of Struga, two focus groups have been held. The first focus group was attended by CSOs and the second focus group was attended by a representative of the Council of the Municipality of Struga and the municipal administration. The team leader and the experts have introduced the participants of the two focus groups with the activities of the project.

The participants in the focus groups were led by the expert team of the “Center for Local Democracy Development” (CLDD). The questionnaires have been distributed before the focus group was held in order getting views and opinions about the state of culture in the municipality.

The results from the analysis of the questionnaires, the focus groups and interviews will contribute to the preparation of the Baseline Assessment Study which will cover the state of play in the area of culture and will recommend future steps in order to improve the situation in this particular field. The Study is a basis for further activities in the frames of this project, organisation of trainings and the preparation of the Local Strategy and the Action Plan for Culture.


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