Workshops for the implementation of culture policies by awarding grants and improving cooperation with CSOs have been held

  • December 5, 2016 11:00am - 03:00pm

Within the project Civic participation of local democracy, the one day workshops in the three partner’s municipalities have been held, in Struga on 06.12.2016, in Strumica on 07.12.2016 and in Centar on 09.12.2016.

The workshops were led by the Grant Expert and the project team. They were attended by representatives of the municipal administration and Community Centers of the three municipalities.

The aim of the workshops was strengthening the capacities of LG’s for implementation of local culture policies via awarding grants and enhancing cooperation with CSOs.

In addition, the workshops were used for discussing criteria of the grant scheme, more accurate reviewing of the content and the conditions of the Call for grants which should be published within the project during December 2016 , necessary forms/attachments to the call, transparency and visibility of the process of announcing grants.

Also was used the opportunity to discuss the procedures that each municipality has developed in order to award grants. Each municipality has certain specific of that plan, but was stated that in future they might be used the forms that were offered under the project, especially when it comes to announcing calls for grants in the area of culture.

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