Association for Support of Children and Youth with Diversities BLUE BIRD

Contact of the organisation:

  • phone:02 3231 943
  • address:Slavka Nedikj 10/9 - Skopje
  • web site:/

Mission of the organisation

The organization works in the area of education and support of children and youngsters with disabilities, transgender children and youngsters, the children with differences and theirfamilies, institutions and the overall community and their total inclusion in the society.

Name of the project: 24.doc


Providing active participation of person with disabilities in the organisation and implementation of cultural events that promote the benefits of inclusion in all spheres of social life in the Municipality of Centar by strengthening the capacities of persons with disabilities to actively participate in the cultural life of the municipality and promoting of their affinity for different types of art, enhancing the public awareness, and strengthening the dialogue on creation and support of inclusive programs in the field of culture through public-private partnerships.


The project will conduct trainings in 7 primary schools in the Municipality of Center and will organise one public event for promotion of the videos and debate for creating sustainable and inclusive programs in the culture via public-private partnerships.

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