Association Initiative for Independent Cultural Activism (INCA) – Struga

Contact of the organisation

Mission of the organisation

The organization strives for strengthening of the cultural and artistic capacities and their promotion abroad continuous care and sustainability of the cultural heritage, as well as building creative industries that will benefit the country as a whole.

Name of the project: “Struga Creative town”


Stimulating the development of constituents and performance of the association to ensure continuity of cultural flow in the community, including growth and development of audience by improving the condition for strengthening organisational capacity for effective implementation of the events of strategic importance for culture in community, contribution to the implementation of local policies for building of audiences through creative action and cultural events and creation of dialogue with local stakeholders and business community to provide support for events of strategic importance.


The project encompasses training, mentoring and creating strategic directions, dance performance, mural drawing, multimedia happening on the open scene, presentations, meetings with stakeholders as well as a campaign for introducing dialogue and partnership.

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