On 17 January 2017 Commission for resolving on call decided to award grants to nine projects from received 31 application, total EUR 84 720.
Commission for resolving on the call made a decision, which was confirmed by the Board of Directors to award grants to the following projects arising from the Local Cultural Strategies of the three partner municipalities:

1. “Museum Via Kandavia – Livada”, a destination for culture tourism in Struga”, Association for ethno culture “Via Kandavia” – Struga;
2. “Struga Creative City” Association Initiative for Independent Cultural Activism INCA – Struga;
3. “Тhe ethnicities jointly respecting the cultural values,” Association for Development of Interethnic Dialogue “Еthnicity” – Struga;
4. “We dream, we realize and we gift a love!” Organization of Women of Strumica;
5. “Interactive platform of manifestations, events, cultural workers and organisations/ associations in the field of culture,” Tourism Association Union – Strumica;
6. “Creative action for cultural mobilization”, Association for education and development of people with disabilities Equality for the project – Strumica;
7. “24.doc”, Association for supporting children and youth with differences – Blue Bird Skopje;
8. “First and female – festival of feminist culture,” Association for the promotion of women’s activities Tiiiit! Inc. – Skopje;
9. “Children in the center (of attention),” CSO Vigilant Theater – Skopje.

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