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This grant scheme is organized as part of the project “Civic Participation for Local Democracy” implemented by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM) and the Centre for Local Democracy Development (CLDD) in three partner-municipalities: Struga, Strumica and Centar. The project is implemented as part of the EC IPA 2 Civil Society Facility and Media Programme for 2014 (IPA Grant – 2015/370-985).
The project aims to assist the civil society in terms of further democratic development, i.e. targets CSOs working in the field of culture in the three partner municipalities. CSOs, as important chains in any democracy, need to actively participate in local policy making in the field of culture, which could be achieved by means of financial support and cooperation with the local governments.

Expected results of the project “Civic Participation for Local Democracy” are:

  • To increase the role of CSOs in development of municipalities, by means of participating in decision and local policy making process in the field of culture
  • To ensure an environment that facilitates effectiveness and contribution by local CSOs in implementation of local culture strategies, by means of participatory democratic process;
  • To assist local governments in development of instruments and financial benefits for CSOs’ sustainability in implementation of local cultural policies, and
  • To organize local grant scheme for creation of local instruments for future financial support of CSOS in transparent, accountable, fair and non-discriminatory manner.

In the course of this project, the partner municipalities developed local Strategies on Culture and relevant Action Plans. These grants will support innovative, local projects in the field of culture designed exclusively in line with adopted local strategies and action plans on culture, i.e. concern priorities/measures/activities enlisted therein.

Culture Strategy and Action Plans of the Municipality of Struga (link)
Culture Strategy and Action Plans of the Municipality of Strumica (link)
Culture Strategy and Action Plans of the Municipality of Centar (link)

Total amount of funds under this grant scheme is 85,500 EUR, while the maximum amount of individual grants is set at 9,500 EUR.
Selected CSOs will have to implement their project activities within a timeframe of 5 months after signing their respective grant contracts.

After the selection of grantees, training will be delivered and participation of grantees is mandatory, as these events are intended for capacity building of CSOs (training on financial project management and reporting for projects financed by the European Union, training on networking and mutual cooperation, training on public relations and media cooperation, and training on development of management plans in the field of culture). Moreover, the implementing party will provide mentoring sessions and will conduct monitoring visits.


Applications to this open call can be submitted by all civil society organizations which:

  • Associations and Foundations or the Law on Culture, and implement activities on the territories of said municipalities. CSOs can appear as project holders only in their own municipality.
  • Are promoting gender equality, ethnic diversity and inclusion of persons with disabilities, as well as interethnic cooperation with other CSOs and communities.
  • Advantage will be given to CSOs that have enlisted culture as their area of operation and/or have participated as project holders or partners in projects implemented in the field of culture.
  • One organization can apply with several projects when acting as project partner, but will be granted only one project when acting as project holder, irrespective of the points assigned to other project applications it has submitted.


The Foundation Open Society – Macedonia will organize informative meetings for CSOs interested in applying on this open call for proposals:

  • 19.12.2016, Monday, 12:00 hours, informative meeting at the Community Centre of the Municipality of Struga, str. Vlado Maleski bb., tel: (046) 83 91 12
  • 20.12.2016, Tuesday, 12:00 hours, informative meeting at the Community Centre of the Municipality of Strumica, str. Blagoj Muceto, bb. House of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, tel: (034) 334 117
  • 21.12.2016, Wednesday, 12:00 hours, informative meeting at the Community Centre of the Municipality of Centar, str. Mihail Cokov bb., tel: (02) 32 03 680


All applications will be initially assessed in order to establish whether they meet basic requirements defined in compliance with eligibility/elimination criteria:

1. Applicants are registered in the municipality where the project is implemented. (For projects implemented in the Municipality of Centar, applicants can be registered on the territory of the City of Skopje, but should implement their project activities in the Municipality of Centar).
2. Project description is submitted on the pre-defined template and accompanied with relevant attachments.
3. All necessary documents and attachments are completed and submitted prior to the expiration of the given deadline.
4. All documents are completed electronically, not in handwriting.
5. Requested project budget does not exceed the maximum amount of grant funds defined as part of this call for proposals.
6. Project proposals do not include capital investments and construction works.

Project applications must fulfil all criteria in order to qualify for the evaluation stage. Applications that do not fulfil these requirements will be rejected.

All project applications that will pass the initial evaluation will be presented to the Selection Commission, which will evaluate applications on the basis of the following selection criteria:

1. Project approach and proposed budget (maximum 70 points):

  • Clearly defined goals, results and proposed activities (30 points)
  • Objectives and results are attainable (30 points)
  • Proposed budget is rational (10 points)

2. Organizational capacity (maximum 30 points):

  • CSOs’ administrative, financial and management capacity (20 points)
  • Relevant experiences and results from implementation of culture projects in the relevant municipality (10 points)

In the course of evaluation of project applications, FOSM reserves the right to request additional information from applicants in relation to project proposal or the organization, which are considered necessary to complete the evaluation. Requests for additional information do not necessarily mean that FOSM will or will not support the project-proposal in question. Prior to final grant approval, FOSM might visit the applicant organizations.

All applicants will be informed in written form concerning approval or rejection of their project-proposals.
The list of CSOs whose applications have been approved will be published on the websites: and (центар на заедниците и општините).

CSOs whose project-proposals are approved for funding will receive grant contracts that enlist rights and obligations of the grantee-organization.


Application templates and forms can be downloaded on the following links:
Application form for the project “Civic Participation for Local Democracy” (Attachment 1) (link)
Form on proposed budget (Attachment 2) (link)
Manual on budgeting (link)

All project-proposals should be submitted on the application for the project “Civic Participation for Local Democracy” (Attachment 1), accompanied by the form on proposed budget (Attachment 2) and all relevant attachments.
Rules enlisted in the Manual on budgeting need to be taken into consideration when completing the form on proposed budget (Attachment 2), including the fact that in cooperation with FOSM selected grantees will be responsible to independently complete the procedure on VAT exemption for foreign donations with the Secretariat for European Affairs (SEA).
The application form should be fully completed and should not exceed 14 pages (excluding budget form and attachments). In completing the application, CSOs should use the font Calibri, size 11.

Required attachments:

1. Document on the current status issued by the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia, not older than one year
2. CVs of staff involved in the project (not more than two pages per CV)
3. List of implemented projects

ompleted applications must be submitted in original, in Macedonian language, and must be endorsed by certified signature and seal, in one copy. In case of applications for the Municipality of Struga, they can be submitted also in Albanian language. In addition to applications in hardcopy, CSOs should submit CD bearing electronic version of all documents. Hardcopy and electronic versions of documents must be identical.

Complete application must be submitted in one envelope addressed to “Call for Proposals for Civil Society Organizations in the Field of Culture”, including the applicant organization’s name.

Applications must be sent via registered post or submitted in person on the addresses given below. For applications sent via postal office, submission time will be the time when the application arrives on FOSM’s address, NOT time when the application was taken to the post office.

Applications must arrive on FOSM’s address, while CSOs from Struga and Strumica can also submit them to the Community Centres in Struga and Strumica, not later than 9th January 2017, 16:00 hours. Applications received after this deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Places for submission of application documents for this call for proposals:

Foundation Open Society – Macedonia
Blvd. Jane Sandanski, no. 111
Tel: (02) 2444488

Community Centre in the Municipality of Struga
Str. Vlado Maleski, bb.
Tel: (046) 83 91 12

Community Centre in the Municipality of Strumica
Str. Blagoj Muceto, bb.
House of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia
Tel: (034) 334 117

All and any inquiries related to this open call should be submitted only in written form and addressed to


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