Sinata Ptica - Skopje

Association for Support of Children and Youth with Diversities BLUE BIRD

May 13, 2017

Name of the project: “24.doc” Objective Providing active participation of person with disabilities in the organisation and implementation of cultural events that promote the benefits of inclusion in all spheres of social life in the Municipality of Centar by strengthening the capacities of persons with disabilities to actively participate in the cultural life of the …..

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Buden Teatar- Skopke

CA Awaken Teatar – Skopje

April 24, 2017

Name of the project: “The Kids in the center (of the attention)” Objective Creation of cultural offer for children audience of high artistic level that will be realised in the Municipality of Centar, and through which the Municipality will become the subject that regularly offers quality cultural events and activities for children. Activities The project …..

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CA for promotion of female activity Tiiiit! Inc. – Skopje

April 24, 2017

Name of the project: “It’s first and it’s a girl – festival for feminist culture” Objective Establishing a model for support from the local authorities of cultural activities that promote feminist culture and activism through: supporting the Municipality of the local organisation in structuring and implementation of popular content that promote women’s right and gender …..

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