etniteti - Struga

Association for Development of Interethnic Dialogue “Etniteti” – Struga

May 13, 2017

Name of the project: “Ethnicities together mean respect of cultural values” Objective Promoting of the cultural values of the communities of the Municipality of Struga, i.e. development of inter-ethnic dialogue and respect for cultural values, in order to improve the lives of all citizens in the Municipality of Struga. Activities Within the project will organize …..

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INKA - Struga

Association Initiative for Independent Cultural Activism (INCA) – Struga

May 13, 2017

Name of the project: “Struga Creative town” Objective Stimulating the development of constituents and performance of the association to ensure continuity of cultural flow in the community, including growth and development of audience by improving the condition for strengthening organisational capacity for effective implementation of the events of strategic importance for culture in community, contribution …..

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Etnocultura ”Via Kandavia” – Livada, Struga

May 11, 2017

Name of the projects: “Via Kandavia Museum – Livada, destination for cultural tourism in Struga”  Objective: Promotion of the Museum Etnocultura Via Kandavia Livada – Struga as a destination for the students from primary and secondary schools from all over South-West of Macedona and aboard, as well as promoting at the local tour operators and …..

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