The project “Civic participation for Local Democracy” is financed through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) by EU, and is envisaged to be realised in the period January 2016 – June 2017.The project is implemented by Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM) and Center for Local Democratic Development (CLDD).

The project aims to help the civil society in its consistent democratic development, particularly helping civil society organisations (CSOs) working in the field of culture in the municipalities of Centar, Struga and Strumica.

  • It is necessary for CSOs to participate actively in the creation of local politics in the field of culture, considering that they are one of the strongest links of democracy. This can become possible through financial support and cooperation with the local authorities.

In that manner, the following steps will be undertaken:

  • Development of a study which will assess the state of play in the field of culture and will recommend future steps in this particular area;
  • Creation of a Capacity Building Programme in strategic management and participatory planning for CSOs and local administration;
  • Development of Local Strategies and Action Plans for Culture for the three targeted municipalities;
  • Preparation of Culture Management Plan;
  • Providing grants to strengthen the capacity of CSOs;


Expected results of the activities that will be undertaken are:

  • Enhancing the role of CSOs in the development of the municipalities through their inclusion in the process of decision-making and developing local cultural policies;
  • Creating a favorable environment that will enable local CSOs to participate more intensively in the formation of local cultural strategies, as well as facilitating the employment and volunteering process, so the citizens will actively participate in the democratic process;
  • Increasing the financial support and offering appropriate instruments by the local government which will allow the inclusion of CSOs in the process of developing local cultural policies;
  • Development of the local strategies by improving the financial support for CSOs and thus, allowing a fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory way of implementing the local cultural policies supported by a grant scheme.


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